Eluveitie @ Bassline, JHB

One of the perks of being a music journalist is discovering bands you’ve never heard of. Prior to their show being announced, I had never heard of Eluveitie. As such, I went to the show without expectations, having listened to only a few tracks. In truth, I had no idea that folk metal was so popular in South Africa, but the massive queue at the doors of Bassline shows the great local following. The venue, as usual, was awesome and the perfect place for a international metal show. My only gripe is that the venue was supposed to open at 19:00 but had us waiting until 20:30. Witchdoctor Productions did placate the queuing by passing a free bottle of Jagermeister down the line.



When Eluveitie finally started, they kicked ass. They began nice and heavy, with plenty of folksy melody and awesome harsh vocals from the frontman. The shear talent of the members on stage is evident by their musicianship and some of them being multi-instrumentalists. They played a couple of heavy tracks before calming the night down with some traditional Celtic music. I must say it is the first time I have seen a metal band use acoustic guitars on stage and it was awesome. They picked up the pace with more hard hitting metal, ending the night with a bang. The put on a really great show and I definitely consider myself a folk metal convert. It would have been nice to see some local bands as support acts but it was a great evening, nonetheless. I can see a bunch of SA folk metal bands forming very soon. Thanks Witchdoctor Productions for bringing out international acts and thanks Eluveitie for blessing our city with your presence.



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