Blessed & Possessed @ O2 Academy

What a great honour, Napalm Records asked me to do a short review on The Wolfsnachte Tour 2015- the London show featuring XandriaORDEN OGAN and the almighty Powerwolf!!!

This was my second time seeing the mighty POWERWOLF and yet again, their show made the trek from South Africa to London well worth it.

The day started off with me donning my Powerwolf shirt and constantly reminding everyone of the big day. I was literally vibrating with excitement.

We got to the venue early and met some really cool guys- chatting about music and even Robin Hood, which made the time go by quickly. I was literally counting down the hours.

I was lucky enough to see most of the awesome guys from Powerwolf before the show- the best part is that they remembered me from the the previous gig 2 years before.

Right in the front- having the time of my life - Photo credit Jay Jays Art
Right in the front- having the time of my life – Photo credit Jay Jays Art

My heart skipped a beat when they opened the doors to let in the crowd…it was time. I literally ran all the way and landed my spot right in the front. I must have looked like a Cheshire Cat. I could barely contain my excitement.

Xandria were the first opening band and they got the crowd going wild. With catchy riffs and a beautiful operatic voice that mesmerised the crowd, they certainly got the show off to a great start.

Myself and Marco Heubaum
Myself and Marco Heubaum

Orden Ogan were next up and they did not disappoint. They got the crowd singing along and cheering to every song. Fast guitar solos and plenty of hair- they got the crowd ready and even more excited for the mighty Powerwolf.

Myself and Matthew Greywolf
Myself and Matthew Greywolf

FINALLY the moment arrived, my heart began to pick up speed and I could feel a slight prickling in my eyes…I was going to see my best band in the world again.

With an almighty explosion, Powerwolf took to the stage, opening with Blessed and Possessed- the title track from their new AMAZING album. I was singing along, reaching for the sky and head banging- overall going completely nuts.

They tore through their set, leaving the crowd (especially me) breathless and cheering with delight. They put a lot of effort into their set list- and I have to say they picked the best out of the bunch.

My favourite memory was when they played “Let there be ️night” a firm favourite from their latest album, and it’s a song I was hoping they would play. This song speaks to me, with the organ, and Attila’s haunting voice piercing my
soul I was overcome with tears. The amazing Charles Greywolf saw this, put his hand on his heart and pointed to me- this did not stop the flow of tears.

Myself and Charles Greywolf
Myself and Charles Greywolf

They ended the show with “All we need is Blood”. From start to finish the crowd loved every moment. I was left breathless, hoarse and in awe. What a night.

Overall the experience will stay with me forever- meeting most of the bands and getting to know them, and getting hugs from Powerwolf- easily the best night of my life.

Powerwolf is not just a band to me, they are family and their music gives me the feeling of being home. I am and forever will be a proud fan of Powerwolf.


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