Arcturus – Arcturian

Arcturus- Arcturian

This is the bands first album in 10 years and my first time ever listening to them.

I have to say that this bands musical résumé is highly impressive with most members either previously or currently involved in bands like Ulver, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Borknager and Ved Buens Ende.

The album sort of leaves you wandering- musical geniuses or members of the mad hatter tea party? In my opinion it’s a bit of both. Some elements in this album are beautifully crafted and the clean vocals are mesmerising, however sometimes the music is a little bit chaotic and all over the place.

I can say that listening to this album was a real experience and opened my eyes and ears to something weird and new.

This album wasn’t my cup of tea, but I can respect the musicianship that went into creating this album. If you are a long-standing fan of Arcturus then this album is for you.


Arcturus are:

Simen ‘ICS Vortex’ Hestnaes- Vocals

Steinar ‘Sverd’ Johnsen- Keyboards

Knut Magne Valle-Guitar

Hugh ‘Skoll’ Mingay- Bass

Jan Axel ‘Hellhammer’ Blomberg- Drums


Check out upcoming shows and news on their Facebook page: Arcturus

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