The Dark Unveiling

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The Dark Unveiling was a charity event recently held at the German Bar (Wunderbar) in Edenvale, for Children of Fire. The venue itself was really great- nice big stage, decent sized hall and plenty of places to chill and have a good time.

This is in no way a negative review, however I do want to get some things out the way before I get to the bands. Firstly I was not happy that the Pet stall was situated right by the entrance to the hall – I am a big animal person, so I was genuinely concerned for the animals safety with the loudness of the music.

The attendance was there, but it did sometimes feel that the support was lacking- especially at the time of the raffle and some bands performances – for such a successful turnout; there could have been more people inside the hall rocking out.

Surdus were first up and as usual kicked butt with their awesomely brutal set, which was cut short due to the organisers wanting to say a few words, which in my mind was a little bit unfair to the band. However this didn’t stop Surdus from tearing through their set with everyone cheering and head banging. Considering they were the first band, they played to quite a big crowd.


Alec Larsen- Lead guitar & backing vocals for Surdus
Alec of Surdus

Next up was Riddlebreak and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their energy on stage was electric and you can see in their faces that this is what they love to do – you can feel their passion. Some parents and their children poked their heads in to see what was happening and much to our surprise (maybe even theirs?) they enjoyed it and went with the music. As usual, a great and energetic set by Riddlebreak.

Nerve Zero was next to the stage and I have to say the front lady has quite the brutal voice for such a small frame. In between each song it looked like the band felt a little awkward on stage, not really saying much to the crowd. Something they could work on, otherwise they certainly come to life when playing their music. Like I said before – brutal voice for such a small frame – I was very impressed.


Nerve Zero

Old school brutal death metallers Dark Matter, were next and they didn’t care what people thought – they just wanted to play death metal – and that they did. Unfortunately they had a few technical glitches, but other than that – straight up death metal at its finest.

Blame the Architechts were the next band to play, although a lot tamer for a prime spot, they were very good, the front lady certainly knew how to belt out their songs. The crowd really enjoyed their set.

With their fast paced guitar work and heavy growling, My Columbine were next up. They have an excellent energy on stage and they got the crowd moving and headbanging. Their guitarist Daniel Gerber is really talented and certainly knows how to do an epic guitar solo.


Klone of Lesuth
Klone of Lesuth

Fan favourite Adorned in Ash were next and they filled up the hall and our ears with their heavy music. What I like about Adorned in Ash is in a world were most people shun religion- they are not scared to stand for what they believe in- and they do this without throwing it in your face. Much respect. Also a great bunch of musicians and once again they did not disappoint the crowd.

I quote Monty Python when saying this “and now for something completely different”. Next up was Bokgot, a 2-piece Black Metal band. They have gone for a more sinister look and sound since I last saw them. Unfortunately the evil glow of the candle altar and corpse paint didn’t draw the crowd in, but I must say that for a 2-piece they are very good. They did a very good job of making the atmosphere feel quite ominous.


Robyn of Adorned in Ash
Robyn of Adorned in Ash

I have seen Lesuth a few times and I have always enjoyed them. I am not taking anything away from them, but in all honesty I didn’t feel they were on their top form, which was disappointing. Nonetheless the crowd loved them, and despite some hiccups they kept the crowd head banging.

Last but not least, Chromium was to take the stage. Unfortunately with being the last band, this tends to mean that most people have started to make their way home. Unfortunately this was still the case as the hall was nearly empty by the time they started. Chromium have been around for quite sometime, and I have to say I was quite disappointed with their performance as I too feel they weren’t on top form. The crowd that remained to watch did enjoy themselves and sang along to the songs.


Dark Matter tearing it up

In the end we are all-human and cannot be expected to be on top form each and every time. The event was an overall success with all monies raised going towards the Children of Fire charity organisation-which in the end was the most important thing.

I do hope this will become an annual thing as it is one thing to have an awesome local lineup, but its even better when that local line-up is doing it for a good cause.




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