Finntroll @ Iron Tusk, JHB

The great people at Witchdoctor Productions keep bringing out class international metal acts and their latest serving, Finntroll, is no exception. Despite dealing with constant venue changes, Shaughn and his team persevered and managed to secure the now defunct Iron Tusk for one last show. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about hosting a large international act at such a small venue, especially considering the number of band members that needed to fit on that small stage. Contrary to my original opinion, the small size of the venue was actually advantageous, allowing a uniquely intimate experience. Needless to say the place was packed, but not to the extent that claustrophobia would ruin the experience. There was plenty of liquor to keep fans well oiled, however, it would have been great to be able to purchase food at the venue. This can be forgiven in light of the above-mentioned venue changes. It was also really cool to be able to meet the band before the show – this and the African themed official tour shirts really added to the experience. Overall, the good folks at Witchdoctor Productions organized a kickass show.

A fitting tribute to the now defunct Iron Tusk

Enough rambling about the venue and what not – you guys came to read about the performance. And what a performance it was. I moved around the show and the sound was great wherever I stood. These guys sure know how to perform. Everything was on point, from the folksy keyboard to crushing guitar to the troll scream vocals. The crowd responded to the band’s energy in kind, albeit, a bit violently. The pit was akin to Cannibal Corpse pit rather than an enjoyable folk pit – which one would expect at a folk metal show. Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns interacted with the crowd really well between songs, although it was obvious that screaming was taking some strain on his voice. Finntroll were excellent and I can see myself listening to more of them in future and I would definitely go see them if they came out again.

The trolls have an awesome look!
What a great show!

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