Finntroll @ Mercury, CPT

This past weekend, we had some guests in our country, all the way from Finland…They have the magical power of creating mystical melodies and like to throw some brute force into the mix. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we had the pleasure of welcoming Folk Metal band, Finntroll, to our country.

Their visit was brief, but they left our country making a name for themselves, and silencing the naysayers. Finntroll were incredible to watch live, and I’ll tell you now, I’d watch them again.

Walking into Mercury about 30 minutes before the show started, the atmosphere was just incredible. I don’t ever think I’ve seen that venue so full in my life, and considering the amount of people that were there, it was considerably easy to move through the crowd. Often, in a crowd like that, you struggle to move or you receive a dirty look from someone who’s never even met you before.

After waiting 15 minutes in bar line to get myself a beer, I headed to the back of the venue near the sound booth and remained there as the show started. I’m not the tallest person, so this suited me and I had a perfect view of the stage from there (as Mercury’s stage is fairly high up).

As the introductory music started and the lights went down, the crowd shrieked and yelled in absolute excitement. The band soon made their way on stage and started playing, and then the craziness began. From start to finish, Finntroll had people moshing and crowd diving like crazy. It looked pretty damn rough and I swear, I saw blood a few times.

Finntroll are extremely tight on stage, their music is powerful, heavy and at times chaotic, but they certainly keep the crowd entertained. They are so precise and tight, it’s enough to make any band envious. Plus their skill level and song crafting is just off the chain. They make you feel, they make you hurt and then they make drunk with power. It’s quite an insane feeling.

Their personalities also shone through on the night as they stayed humble and friendly, but when things needed to get rough, they stepped up and showed us they’re not joking and they’re here for a reason- to Folk us up. Simply amazing!

Theres one thing for sure…if Finntroll ever decide to come down here again, I will be there supporting them all the way. These guys love their fans, they love what they do, and they write and play powerful music, and showed us just what they are all about. I don’t know about you, but that’s all you need and if not more.

A huge THANK YOU to Witchdoctor Productions for bringing this amazing band to our shores!

Finntroll, please do come down and play here again, you’re always welcome!

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