Dead Existence – Endless Misery

Dead Existence is a little know doom/sludge metal band based in London. Their latest album, Endless Misery, has been released by Black Bow Records and can be streamed/bought via their Bandcamp page. Note that I do not listen to a lot of doom metal but I really enjoyed this album. It started with an extremely groovy track entitled Consume, which also happens to be my favourite track of the album. The vocals on the album are reminiscent of Phil Anselmo and one can hear the passion that the vocalist has for the music. The guitars are very distorted, as one should expect from a doom metal band but they have not sacrifice clarity, as some sludge bands do. ┬áThe eight track album provides just under an hour of entertainment, with the longest song being just shy of fourteen minutes long. Some bands release long songs purely for the sake of it, this is not the case with Dead Existence – they make every second count. The album is well mixed overall, but in general I felt that the drums and bass guitar could be louder. This album is a must for fans of doom, sludge and stoner metal. Fans of groove metal will probably enjoy this as well. So go and give it a listen\m/.


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