Mad God/Goat Throne – Unholy Rituals

Considering the number of articles I have written about doom metal recently, one might assume I am the biggest doom metal fan and super biased towards the genre. That is not the case and usually doom metal is not my cup of tea. This EP, however, is my cup of coffee (which I prefer to tea). Goat Throne and Mad God are vastly different bands, while both are still very much DOOM! The EP consists of six tracks, three from each band. Goat Throne kicks off the album with its super groovy form of doom (kind of reminds me of Dead Existence) and the perfect blend of harsh and clean vocals.

Mad God brings the ultra-trippy stoner element of doom forward. With all of ambient tones, I feel like a Mad God listening to it. It is just so well composed and I love the Lovecraft inspired lyrics. All of the tracks have been lovingly mastered by the talented Tim Harbour and the album art is simply incredible. Overall it is a great split EP, so go download it now and throw some money their way. Do so here!!! A must for doom and stoner metal fans.

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