Sista’s of Metal @Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI

Leading up to their once off show (or is it?), I got to interview the ladies of Sista’s of Metal:


1) What are you most looking forward to at the Emalyth Arts Expo?


Robyn: Seeing some good friends from around the country, the bands and the artists. Just looking forward to a really great time with really great people.


Courtney: Checking out some crazy art, the freedom of expression and hanging out with good people as well as head banding my face off to some good SA metal!


Callysta: I’m most looking forward to having a great jam with my fellow metal ladies! I’m also very excited for all the awesome bands, artwork, and hanging out with good friends.


Tamla: Being amongst our SA Metal Allegiance for a whole weekend!


Roushan: The whole thing! Playing and exhibiting are obviously top of the list hehe but also being able to enjoy what the alternative scene has to offer under one roof with awesome people.


2) What are your individual thoughts on the local metal scene?


Robyn: That’s a difficult question. I think we have some great bands and some great venues. I wish we had more of both but for the most part (with a few exceptions) I think the community is close knit. We need to support each other not just on the net but actually be at shows. Bands and fans.


Courtney: I think the local metal scene is great! So much good metal coming out of SA and all we need to keep doing is supporting each other and get our music out there.


Callysta: I think that it’s really starting to gain momentum. Our bigger festivals that have hosted international acts are really starting to help put us on the global map, and I’m hoping that soon it will become easier for our local bands to break into the international scene.


Tamla: Tightly knit group of brilliant people interspliced with Killer Metal!


Roushan: That’s a difficult one. It is slightly divided in terms of subgenres but lately I’ve noticed that attitude is decreasing. In the past few years we’ve had the privilege of seeing some amazing bands, both local and international and I see people starting to open up to new experiences and subgenres. I’m always amped to see new faces both in the crowd and on stage because that means the scene is growing.


3) Do you have any favourite gig experiences?


Robyn: Yes! I enjoy every moment on stage and have loads of stories but if I narrow it down to a few highlights- Witchfest, Mozambique, all the previous Arts Expos and M4A summer fest.


Courtney: Yea man! Some of the best gigs I had were with Mizera. Had a good one last year as a solo act at the arts expo too. Pretty hard to choose just one!


Callysta: I’ve enjoyed all gigs with my band Posthumous, but the M.A.X Campaign last year was a big highlight. We really enjoyed playing for a good cause, and being on the new Wolmer stage was a great experience. I also got to play in an awesome metal super group, where we performed a song written for the victims of Xenophobia.


Tamla: Cant choose. Too many good ones!


Roushan: Most of them are favourites because just being on stage is a thrill and the crowd is always awesome, but playing Krank’d Up with my personal heroes, Monuments, was probably the biggest highlight for me up to date.


4) What does 2016 hold for Sista’s of Metal? Any shows planned featuring all you awesome metal maidens?


Robyn: Well we started Sista’s of Metal exclusively for the Arts Expo but I’m quite excited to work with these awesomely talented ladies  that I think perhaps it won’t just be a once off thing and I look forward to doing a few more shows like this.


Courtney: Nothing planned as of yet. Kinda just jamming together for the fun of it. Options are always open though!


Callysta: There’s nothing planned at the moment besides the Emalyth Arts Expo, but it may become a yearly occurrence, featuring different metal ladies each year, which is a great idea!


Tamla: We are looking at making this a yearly occurence and getting all the Metal Maidens across the country involved!


Roushan: We all have our own bands keeping us busy, but we have always wanted to jam together and this was a great opportunity. I would love to see the idea continue with different members each round, showing off all the awesome female talent this country has to offer.


5) What advice can you give to people wanting to start a band?


Robyn: Practice, nail your songs, be the best you can be as an individual and as a band before you even step on the stage. Have passion always and never do something half hearted.


Courtney: Haha I’m not really good with advice but if I have to give some sort of advice I would say just jam and have fun with the music you play and the rest will pave a pathway.


Callysta: Find members who are dedicated, and never stop practicing. Be sure to gain lots of gigging experience, and always be willing to improve on yourselves and learn new things with everything that you do musically.


Tamla: Do it!


Roushan: Practice! Get a great team of like-minded individuals, then practice! Most importantly, serve the music (i.e practice!). Its going to be 99 percent hard work and a lot of rejection but its so worth it in the end. Don’t forget to have fun. Never give up.


6) If you could go back in time to any musical period, what would it be and why?


Robyn:  The classical era- purely because I’d love to experience the brilliance of Beethoven.


Courtney: Right now, feels like I’m at the best I can be. Pushing forward to be better everyday rather than looking back.


Callysta: I would go back to the 80’s, so that I could watch my favourite band Death, as well as witness the birth of all the other classic metal bands that thrived during that era.


Tamla: Back to the Beginning of the new wave of British Heavy Metal! All the bands that have influenced me began back then , would be great to be at the beginning of it all!


Roushan: I’d love to go back and get to watch Led Zeppelin live in their prime.


Catch the Sista’s of Metal at Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI

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