Raptorbaby @ Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI

Leading up to Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI, I spoke to Raptorbaby:



1. What are you most looking forward to at the Emalyth Arts Expo?


Doug: There’s great music and great art, but lets face it, we all just wanna see the medieval sword fighting…


Craig: I am looking most forward to the lovely atmosphere that the Expo always brings every year, as well as the plethora of talented bands from all over the country. It feels like it’s going to be the biggest one yet!!


2. What are your thoughts on the local metal scene?


Doug: The scene has always faced a lot of challenges, from financial pressure to the lack of decent gigging venues (the former always results in the latter), but I see it as a movement that is always changing, there are many people that love the sweet nectar of metal and it’s many sub types, a genre that always wanted to be loud and different, so it’s in the right state, challenged, changing, and a slow growing behemoth.


3) Do you have any favourite gig experiences?


Craig: I recall our last show at Wolmer Bush Lounge, it was pretty much the hottest gig I have had to play, my sweat was sweating, but the energy of the ever growing crowd just made us all push harder. That energy cannot be bought.


4. What does 2016 hold for Raptorbaby?


Doug: We’ll be releasing our first full length album this year, which we have been grinding our teeth on for the last few months. Otherwise it’s business as usual, writing music, playing gigs, talking philosophy and drinking copious amounts of beer!


Craig: A pretty relentless onslaught of an album as well as many great shows and ridiculous amounts of hours spent practicing the new music.


Paul: We are releasing our very first full length album this year! We have been hard at work with producer Michael Kyriakou and can’t wait to share what we have done with everyone.

5. What advice can you give to people wanting to start a band?



Doug: Music is everything, so spend your energy on writing good music, a good balance is a style that is familiar but different. The rest of the work, such as management and a good marketing strategy, are often worthless without that.


Paul: Decide how invested you want to be, a band could be a full time business or it could mean fun with your mates. Sometimes it all works out and you get to do both but expect some very hard work and difficult times.



6) If you could go back in time to any musical period, what would it be and why?

Paul: I have always loved the 80’s grunge scene, would be epic to see Nirvana live and intimate. 60’s Woodstock would also be a killer!


Catch Raptorbaby at Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI

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