Theatre Runs Red @ Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI

Leading up to Emalyth Arts Expo, I spoke to Theatre Runs Red:





1) What are you most looking forward to at the Emalyth Arts Expo?


There are so many bands on the bill which we are dying to see again or who we haven’t been fortunate enough to see yet! The Arts Expo is always an event that’s a highlight for us so we are pretty much looking forward to every aspect of the festival.

2) What are your thoughts on the local metal scene?

We love the SA metal scene. It feels like a family not bonded by blood but bonded by a passion and way of life. It’s such a great feeling to be around a bunch of people who all share the same way of thinking. The greatest part about it is that it weathers the storm constantly, through the peaks and the valleys it goes through, and emerges stronger each time.

3) Do you have any favourite gig experiences?

One of our best experiences was sharing the stage with the almighty Behemoth! Absolute highlight of our life! But every experience we’ve had has been a memorable one.

4)What does 2016 hold for Theatre Runs Red?

We actually have quite a bit planned. We have new stage gear on the way and a new track to unleash which shall be part of our set at the Emalyth Arts Expo. As well as our album launch. Finally! I know we have taken a ridiculous amount of time with this but this year shall be the year to finally release our album.

5)What advice can you give to people wanting to start a band?

Dedication and humility is key. Don’t ever think it’s easy. Always strive to be the best that you can be and always be open to learning. Don’t ever think you’ve reached the point where you’ve learnt everything. Most importantly don’t ever feel you are entitled to great slots and special perks even when you have made a name for yourself. Always treat event organizers and your sound engineers with the utmost respect. They are the ones providing you with events to play at and make you sound the best that you can be on stage. You are only as strong as the rest of your team. It doesn’t take just a band to make things work like a well oiled machine at a gig or festival.

6)If you could go back in time to any musical period, what would it be and why?

Personal preference here, but I think it would have to be the 1920’s and the 1970’s. The 1920’s is just full of the most eerie compositions and recordings. The 1970’s were characterized by some of the most talented and passionate musical individuals, who all played a critical part in paving the way towards the way metal is created today.  

Check out Theatre Runs Red at Emalyth Arts Expo INFINITI

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