The Fallen Prophets – Slaughtered At The Altar

The Fallen Prophets are the four guys that get dressed (well, cover themselves in the blood of their enemies) and display their brutal art on stage, leaving people moshing and holding on to dear life to make sure they don’t die. A Fallen Prophets show gets very rough and chaotic, in terms of the pits and the actual performance. They recently released their long-awaited debut album, Slaughtered At the Altar, which they have worked on for most of 2015, so this is going to be rather interesting. Do the Fallen Prophets capture the chaos and brutality in the studio, do they serve their name and reputation justice? Well, let’s dig in and see just what in store for us.




Starting from the intro, what we hear is an eerie choral section that lasts just over a minute and suddenly we are led to a hospital heart monitor escalating in speed and flat lining…and Pieter lets out the furious first growl of “Covered in Blood, Guts and Gore”. This song just lashes out in a chaotic but groovy galloping rhythm section, and from there on, pure chaos.

Pieter Pieterse (Vocals\Guitar) and Francois Van Der Merwe (Lead guitar\backing vocals) do an incredible job on the vocals, Pieter covering the more guttural low growls, and Francois covering the high screams. The combination works amazingly well, and plays to each other’s strengths to provide a good amount of vocal diversity and power. Production wise, I would’ve preferred if Francois’ vocals were a little louder in the mix. Even though he is the backing vocalist, he is a very talented, so it was a shame his vocals were a little low in the mix.

The instrumentals are incredibly satisfying to listen to. The band claims to be a full on death metal band, but I hear a lot of different influences arising in their songs. There’s a little groove metal influence, some Melodeath and even some Progressive influence thrown into the mix. I love it, love the diversity within the instruments, its rather refreshing, giving each song a noticeable individuality but it’s just enough that it’s not harming the tone or the flow of the album. There are certain guitar parts and drum sections that just purely leave me with goosebumps. What stands out for me is how the music can be so brutal, but transitions to these groovy or very melodic breakdowns or vice versa. The transitions are silky smooth, I love it.

The production quality on this album is pretty much international standards. It feels raw and dirty, but its clear enough for you to hear what’s going on between the chaos and killing. I haven’t heard a local album sound this good in ages.

The Fallen Prophets have managed to absolutely blow minds with this album. I personally have been waiting anxiously for this album for a very long time and am none other than impressed. Its brutal, its diverse, its energetic, its powerful and its everything you’d want in a metal album.


If you haven’t listened to this yet, I suggest you do, you won’t regret It one bit!



Check out The Fallen Prophets– you won’t regret it.

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