SacriFist – Tyranny

Thrash death metal giants, SacriFist, released their fifth studio album, Tyranny, earlier this year. I got to sit down and give it a listen and ramble on about my thoughts. First off, I did not just listen to this once – it’s impossible. The music is far too catchy and I found myself listening to at least a couple of tracks (if not the whole album) everyday for the last couple of weeks. It has longevity and the staying power that you’d expect from such veterans. The album begins with the eerily beautiful “Enter Pandemonium” and proceeds into the fast paced “Fractured Reality” and from there it is unrelenting until track number 5, “I”, which starts with a build up of orchestral genius, forming the foundation of this melodeath hit. The album’s title track is my favourite and I can see why the chose this as the album name.

The album art seems slightly controversial and open for debate and so I asked about it: “Tyranny is something we’ve all seen in our lifetime as South Africans. We were born having it in our lives and we will die with it still present.”

The production of this album is excellent, as can be expected from the folks at Dreamlabs Studio (Spectral Realm and Instrametal). Everything is well balanced, although there are some parts where I found the vocals slightly overpowering. The drum sound is really great and the guitar tone is perfectly suited for thrash. This is a must for all SacriFist fans and fans of thrash and death metal in general.

So what are you waiting for? Get a copy here:

No Ordinary Outfit



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