Juggernaught – Full Grown Woman

Genre: Prog Rock
Release: 2016

By Flame-mantous




Juggernaught are a band from the province of Pretoria in South Africa. They clearly have a lot to offer with their Groovy and energetic music sense. Self-Described as, “a quintessential example of rare and exhilarating rock music”.

Avoiding the limitations of being labelled as one specific musical sub-genre, the band sees themselves as a rock band with a huge range of influences from blues to jazz, funk and metal. They live up to this oh-so accurately. I was not able to pin point exactly where the band stands on genre, but with this release, they were able to create a unique and amazingly put together experience for the listener. This is one of the most unique works I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

This album, right off the bat, shows you that the band’s sound is very versatile, very unique and oozes tons of creativity, ability and feels. There where honestly times where I was listening to this and felt absolutely inspired. These guys do things so out of the ordinary and at such random times too. You never know what you’re going to get next, and it makes things exciting.

While there are a track or two that are quite predictable and unexciting. As much as I feel this is a very unique album, it does sometimes come across as same sounding. Sometimes you’ll listen and you’ll swear you heard this piece in another track. Is this a big issue? Not really, it didn’t bother me much but it was quite noticeable at times. However the sense of unpredictability, exhilaration and almost unorthodox musical methods will appeal to the soul and the ears, which make up for those shortcomings. For example, these guys will be giving you a smooth-blues feel section and will launch launch you into this exciting tirade of fast hard rock, a few tricks ‘n turns with some odd time signatures and maybe a crazy noisy build-up, right back into those bluesy feels. Yes everyone, this crazy.
The vocals are also very interesting; they range from gruffly blues vocals, to high pitched or bellowing yells, to almost Marilyn Manson-esque low singing/talking. You never know what to expect here either, because the vocals keep evolving and changing throughout the album. Not in the sense that it sounds inconsistent, but in the way the range expands and changes throughout the entirety of the album. The vocals are very strong here and suit the unpredictable and almost schizophrenic nature of the music.

I must add that the production quality of the music is top notch. The mixing and mastering, the instruments, the volume and stability, are incredibly consistent, clear and beautiful (but dirty). Out of a lot of SA bands, this is one of the best mixed albums I’ve heard so far. Yes, this has hit a production standard for SA Rock in my opinion.
Overall, Juggernaught have released an album that is not the ordinary run-of-the-mill rock we are exposed to all the time, they take the time to do things they want to and are able to channel that through their music and deliver it to the listener in a MASSIVE way. I will definitely be adding this to my playlist for the overtime shifts at work.

I recommend this to anyone that wants some new music or something new and unique to listen to.


To stay up to date, check out their Facebook Page: JUGGERNAUGHT

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