Man as Machine at Krank’d Up 2016

We got to chat to the guys of Man as Machine leading up to Krank’d Up.


1)    It must be pretty exciting to be playing a show alongside Norma Jean and Periphery, how did you react to being selected to perform alongside these musical giants?


It’s always exciting to meet and perform with bands that have achieved the level of success that these guys have. In this case, I (Rob) have been listening to Norma Jean since before I even started learning how to make and play music. It’s an immense honour to have been booked to perform and have our name on the same posters.


2)    How do you prepare yourselves for a show, especially one as big as Krank’d Up?


Festivals are a slightly different prep process than club/pub shows because we have to perform in a bigger space, but when it comes down to it, all shows are the same and get treated the same. We rehearse and make sure we know our own songs, smoke a bit less, and don’t drink before the show on the day, and lastly, give it horns.


3)    What or who would you say is your biggest inspiration to write your music?


When it comes to the way we write our music, it breaks down to three major points:
-Do we love this song?
-Would other people love this song?
-Do we love performing this song?
That is how we’ve continued to do what we do. By making sure that our enjoyment and audience enjoyment are aligned during live performances. That’s what it’s all about for us. Just put us on the stage. Haha.


4)    What are your highlights as a band from 2016?


We’ve played a lot of cool shows this year, launched a heavier single (Zombie) to the radio stations that would take it, performed at OppiKoppi festival for a second time, and we’re about to have a new highlight at Krank’d Up.


5)    If you could open for any band or artist (dead or living) who would it be and why?


So many bands and artists could fill that answer, so I’ll name a few to cover our individual preferences.
Led Zeppelin, Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, Free.


Catch Man as Machine at Krank’d Up 24 September 2016

All info can be found on the Krank’d Up event page.

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