Cadillac Sun at Krank’d Up 2016

We got to chat to the lads of Cadillac Sun leading up to the mighty Krank’d Up festival.


1)    It must be pretty exciting to be playing a show alongside Norma Jean and Periphery, how did you react to being selected to perform alongside these musical giants?


Some of the members almost did the chicken dance out of pure joy! We are really amped for Krankd’ Up 2016! Playing a gig is already thrilling for us as a band but being able to say that we are on the same lineup as the mighty Periphery AND Norma Jean, stuff of legends! It will also be our very first Sundowners show, excitement overload!


2)    How do you prepare yourselves for a show, especially one as big as Krank’d Up?


We get pretty excited by any show but this is our first major festival that we will be playing. It’s a special moment for us in our musical journey.
Our approach to preparing won’t differ too much from other gigs. Small venue or big festival- doesn’t really matter to us, we just want to give an energetic performance and play all our gigs like we were playing at a stadium. We will be squeezing in some extra rehearsal time just to make sure we are on point!
Massive thank you to Turning Tricks entertainment for putting us on the bill! You guys kick ass!


3)    What or who would you say is your biggest inspiration to write your music?


Rival Sons have been a massive influence on us as a band. Our founding member Emile (guitar) is a real old school rock & roll junky so most of our riffs and musical ideas stem from Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Guns & Roses and Black Sabbath.
Jones (drums), Carl (vocals) and Hendru (bass) have a lot of different tastes from System Of A Down to Florence and the Machine and everything in between. Each inspiration adds a different element to our music; but first and foremost we try to hold true to our rock & roll roots, we try to make music that is honest and pure and still remains uniquely us.


4)    What are your highlights as a band from 2016?

That would definitely be the release of our debut album in March, and the Gauteng tour we did to promote the album. It was such an amazing experience from beginning to end. Big shout out to Dave Grevler at Anti-Motion Studios. He really helped us to find our musical sweet spot in a big way. Looking forward to getting into studio with him again.


5)    If you could open for any band or artist (dead or living) who would it be and why?


So many bands too choose from but we would have to say Rage Against The Machine! The power and energy in what they stood for and the groove in their music is just second to none.
From their name right through to issues that they dealt with in their lyrics, that band was the business! Hopefully they make a comeback. It would def be a dream come true to play with them!


Catch Cadillac Sun at Krank’d Up 24th September 2016


All info can be found on the Krank’d Up event page

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