Newtown Knife Gang at Krank’d Up 2016

Leading up the awesome Krank’d Up festival, we had a chat to Newtown Knife Gang


1)    It must be pretty exciting to be playing a show alongside Norma Jean and Periphery, how did you react to being selected to perform alongside these musical giants?


It’s always an honor to be selected to play alongside such amazing bands. The excitement of screaming like a little school girl when you find out about a big show like this never really gets old!



2)    How do you prepare yourselves for a show, especially one as big as Krank’d Up?

For this particular show it’s a bit more complicated than the usual situation of ‘practice a lot to get your shit together ASAP’. Nick won’t be playing drums for us at this show as he is away unfortunately, so we will be throwing a special someone else in the deep end! And considering Paul will be away overseas until just before the show, I suspect a last minute practice frenzy…



3)    What or who would you say is your biggest inspiration to write your music?


We all listen to such a variety of different music that it’s difficult to nail down just one or even a biggest influence… I’d say most of the recent music has evolved more around the character of Spencer’s voice than our earlier songs which grew more around the instrumental structures.



4)    What are your highlights as a band from 2016?

I would definitely say that Oppi this year was a major highlight for us and then surprisingly a small show a few weeks ago at Aandklas turned out to be really killer. It’s hard to beat a big stage with massive sound and lights but sometimes those really small club shows turn out to be just as amazing, having the crowd rocking out and going crazy right there next to you.



5)    If you could open for any band or artist (dead or living) who would it be and why?

Maybe Queen, I know my dad would be stoked to come to that show


Catch Newtown Knife Gang at Krank’d Up 24th September 2016


All info can be found on the Krank’d Up event page

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