Krank’d Up 2016 @ Sundowners, JHB

So Krank’d Up came and went in a flash and I’m still reeling from the awesomeness. I was completely blown away by Periphery and I have only¬†just been able to gather up tongue after such a jaw-dropping display of technical finesse. But I’m jumping the gun here by going straight for the headliner – so let us start at the beginning. Krank’d Up as an event has grown from strength to strength from its inception and I can confidently state that the crew run the show like a well-oiled metal machine. The venue was fantastically setup, with an international caliber stage, multiple bars to refresh the masses, great food and stalls. The only improvement I could recommend (and I have seen this at shows overseas) is decent water points. Not everyone wants to get hammered and those people that do have a little too much should probably have decent access to re-hydration. I personally loved the Sundowners pizza but found that it took a little too long, although it was still worth the wait. Sundowners is definitely an international venue – and I look forward to WitchFest 2017.


Enough about the venue and onto the bands. There were some tremendous local acts including the proggy Riddlebreak, the zany Boargazm and the heavy Zombies Ate My Girlfriend… But one local band stuck out to me – Man As Machine. What an amazing performance from a truly incredible live act – you can see that these guys are trained musicians. Rob Visser is an mind-blowing¬†frontman and his vocal range is like nothing I have seen in the country. Wow.

Norma Jean was the first of the two international acts and they certainly brought the energy which was transferred to the crowd the ebbed with the tide of post-hardcore aggression. But as I’ve said Periphery were just incredible. The musicianship was unparalleled, with Make Total Destroy being the best track, by any band on the day. I wonder what the Krank’d Up team have in store for us next year?


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  1. Thank you for your review and kind words. The water point is an excellent idea and will be done for next year. Cheers


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