Monolith – Memory Palace

From the sleepy shores of Port Elizabeth comes an almighty beast of metal, a leviathan of musicianship, that is aptly named Monolith. This is the part of music blogging that I really love – discovering new music, especially when it is so well produced. Before listening to Monolith I assumed (based on the album art) that they were going to be a technical death metal sweep fest and I was pleasantly surprised that they are so much more than that. I mean I love me some sweep fest tech death and the intricacies that go with it but it can get dull. What these guys are doing much more interesting – creating their own style with the unique blend of progressive, death and black metal. They even incorporate some beautiful keyboard and symphonic pieces. My favourite part of the EP must be the melodic, emotional solos. This is atypical of death metal where the focus is usually speed but this, to me, is preferential. The vocals are incredible, extremely thick and low, although it would be cool if there was a bit more variation. The guitar tone is perfect and the songs are extremely well composed. My only gripe with the album is that the drums could be better produced or mixed – they occasionally feel like that they are not part of the track. That being said, the drumming on the EP is simply fantastic and it’s clear to hear that Dave Mills is more than competent behind his kit. This is a great EP and makes me excited for a full length album (hint hint). So support this amazing band and pick up a copy now.

Review by Alec Larsen

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