Kadawer Dialoog – Sterfbed

Afrikaans metal legends, Kadawer Dialoog, released their debut EP in February earlier this year. I gave it a listen and here are my thoughts.

Firstly, I must say that I’m always stoked when South African bands release an album/EP but I’m even more excited when an obvious effort has been put into production. This EP is a decent offering, with awesome mixing. The guitars are crushing (without being overpowering), the bass is subtle but adds so much support to the fantastic drums. The vocals haveĀ an unique inward style and can be appreciated for this – although it would have been great to see a bit more range/other techniques. The inward technique allows for some extremely long screams and I feel like this could have been utilized a bit more.

This style of metal could benefit from the occasional clean vocal, as a nice change of pace. This is Kadawer Dialoog’s first studio EP but it is probably (hopefully not) their last, as the founding member, Kriss Kadawer, has immigrated to New Zealand.

I do seriously hope that he pioneers some metal that side and shows the Kiwis the influence that SA metal has had on him as a musician.

Overall this is a fantastic local EP, featuring well-written songs.


Pick up “Sterfbed” by Kadawer Dialoog now and support SA metal.


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