TesseracT Interview

Draconem: Please tell us about how the band formed and how you chose the band name?

James: The band started as a solo project by guitarist Acle Kahney and in 2006, Mos (bass), Jay (drums) and I (guitar) had all met on the gigging circuit and started jamming together. We worked with a number of vocalists but in 2009 met Dan, and set to work on our debut album, One.

A Tesseract is a 4-dimentional cube is a conceptual a metaphor for our sound.

Draconem: TesseracT is often cited as being one of the pioneers of djent. What do you think of the current djent craze?

James: We just consider ourselves a progressive rock/metal band, but it’s nice to be part of something and the djent movement is very much a collective of bands who want to experiment and try something different. As with all scenes and fads it will probably die out at some point, but I hope we (and many of the great bands given the label) keep evolving so we can transcend it.

Draconem: What are your thoughts on 8/9 string guitars? Will you ever use them?

James: Scary but fun! I have an 8 string at home which I mess around with from time to time..  you can get some pretty wild sounds out of them for sure.

James Monteith
James Monteith

Draconem: You’ve had a few vocalists over the years. How has this influenced your style?

James: Each vocalist has brought his own ideas and skills to the band, and their input has been a huge part of each record. The band is constantly evolving, so although line-up changes are not ideal, I think this could have also helped accelerate our progression and development.

Draconem: What is the typical writing process for a Tesseract song?

James: Previously the bulk of the work was done by Acle on computer and the tracks were developed via email chats and other ideas being bounced around. The vocals were then added to pre-written tracks to complete the song. On Polaris, the vocals helped to shape the structures and developments a lot more making it a little more collaborative. On our current record, we’ve taken that a step further and the whole band are contributing more to the initial / raw ideas.

Draconem: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

James: Turn water into wine. People always say I look like Jesus so I think it’s only fair I get his powers too.

Amos Williams
Amos Williams


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