Pulvis Et Umbra – Atmosfear

Pulvis Et Umbra are a blackened death metal act from Italy and they have gained a substantial South African following by touring here twice. For their first tour they supported the mighty Behemoth. The second time they organized shows in Pretoria and Cape Town, asking many South African bands to support them. Having dealt with Damy (frontman and guitarist) during the Pretoria leg of the second tour, I can definitely say that this is one of the most genuine and kind metal bands that I have ever met.

Damy of Pulvis Et Umbra
Damy of Pulvis Et Umbra

So enough on them as a band, let’s talk about the album. Atmosfear was released early in 2017 and features ten impactful tracks. The music tastefully blends black metal and death metal, incorporating  some melody and some elements of progressive metal. The album features Damy’s unique vocal style, which incorporates a lot of high screams and mids but with minimal low/guttural vocals. The production on the album is very reasonable – everything sits well in the mix and blends well. My favourite track on the album is entitled “The Crows Belong To Her”, which features our very own Lilitu Caprinae of Theatre Runs Red. I think it’s really awesome that they asked a South African vocalist to feature on their track. Overall, the album is a decent offering of progressive blackened death metal.

You can purchase a copy here.

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