Vintersorg – Till Fjälls del II

Genre: Black Metal/Folk Metal
Release date: 30 June 2017

Review By flame-mantous



The feels man… The feels. Not often do I get to say this about a band, and I’m happy i get to say it again. Vintersorg is a folk metal band that has combined some strong folk melodies with some great feels, and their latest album “Till Fjälls del II” is a true treat to listen to.

The Vocals are a combination of somewhat operatic clean vocals and black metal snarls (Fully in German), a perfect combination of vocals that work well to meet the needs of the instruments. The beauty of the clean vocals, but the aggression and heaviness of the snarls work well as the music switches from sweet melody to aggressive high-octane instrumentals, and everything in between. The symphonies and melodies end up being huge and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and some of the songs just gave me moments were iI couldn’t help but smile and be like “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. Some sections come together so well, it’s unreal. As said by the band, there is no instrumental trickery, just purely feelings and emotions, and the music lives up to this and just blows your mind.

There’s only two complaints here about this album. Number one is the fact that the production sounds a little out-dated and a little muddy. This sounds like it may have been recorded 20 years ago, yet the music is more modern sounding and that may confuse a few listeners. Number two is the fact that some of the songs simply last too long. I personally like the long track or two, as it creates a lot of space for creativity. Most of the time, the band is hitting the nail on the head and expressing a lot of creativity within that space, but some songs do seem to repeat pieces randomly and momentum seems to get lost within this.

The beautiful symphonic and atmospheric nature of the music is something really beautiful, and the aggression just seems so welcoming. These two elements combined create an extreme sound that is beautiful yet terrifying at the very same time. Besides some very laggy long songs, and the slightly older sounding production, it is a great album, that should definitely be listened to.


Go pick this up whenever you can, you will not regret it.

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