The Fallen Prophets – Death Conquers Life

Keets Design & Photography

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Release Date: 7 July 2017

Review by flame-mantous

Keets Designs & Photography
Keets Designs & Photography

The Fallen Prophets are the blood soaked death metallers hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, and are known for their eccentric live performances, brutal music and wearing the blood of their enemies at all times. This EP is probably one of the heaviest pieces of music to come out of South Africa, proving they are once again stepping it up another huge notch and planning to absolutely destroy, while not at all losing what made their debut album “Slaughtered at the altar” (Released last year in 2016) so good.

The Fallen Prophets are a death metal band, through and through, but like to mix it up with some infectious groove driven pieces and even some really amazing melodic pieces. The music is just as groovy, if not more groovy than the material released on “Slaughtered at the altar” but manages to keep the music unbelievably brutal. There is tons of blast beats, tons of incredibly fast double kicks, and an amazing sense of flow throughout every song.

The vocals are still the same brutal guttural bellows with some amazing high screams backing it up that we heard on the first album, but kicked up a notch. Some of the vocals, especially on “Screams of a 1000 deaths” is almost Cannibal Corpse-like in its delivery.  The vocals ultimately suit the grimy and violent nature of the music. The only bit of criticism, is some of the growls seem to be a little inaudible and come across a little muddled, whilst saying this, I know it’s death metal and a lot of vocals are like this. I would just work on slightly better pronunciation or technique, but this could be down to production. This does not however take anything away from this awesome EP.

These songs are just unbelievably brutal, creating a strong ‘wave of noise’, especially by the drums with those incredibly fast double kicks and the urgency of the fast and constant blast beats. Saying this, a lot of bands production does mess with this sound, but this EP here is the exception… The instruments are so perfectly audible, that its quite a pleasure to listen to due to an amazing job on the production side. The change from complete brutality to infectious groove is something we don’t see often, and The Fallen Prophets beautifully string these together and add some little diverse bits when it really calls for it.

This EP is a definite one to check out. The brutality of this is off the charts, and the amount of diversity and awesome feels within it are something we don’t see from death metal bands too often, and man, it puts a smile on my face. These guys seem to have even more in store for us very soon, and I suggest you check this out if you really want to listen to some great death metal.

You can check out the lyric video for “Screams of a 1000 deaths” here done by the talented Marcita Maree of Keets Designs & Photography

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