Dead Man Risen – Vampyre

Genre: Doom/Industrial Metal
Release Date: 10 July 2017

Review by Flame-Mantous




Dead Man Risen is a Doom/Industrial Metal solo project hailing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with a pinch of Black metal and a dash of Gothic influence. We don’t get too many side projects here in South Africa, especially metal acts in the alternative scene, so this is something very different.

The album is a very industrial sounding from start to finish, some very interesting sampling and sounds accompany the heavy full-sounding guitars. It adds a nice atmosphere to the very dark sounding music as well as the pumping drums. Made me feel like there’s a UFO nearby or I’m entering a scene in a horror flick. Great job with setting the atmosphere.

The vocals are slightly different for industrial metal and add a very heavy, raw sound to the music. The screams range from mid-highs and brutal guttural lows. The vocals are nicely varied between the ranges and seem to keep it from getting monotonous, but unfortunately the vocals can get a bit repetitive in tone at times. This however does not take away the overall feel of the album.

The instruments are of the simpler sounding feel, but does this hinder the musical ability? Not at all. Most of the songs flow very nicely, they have a large amount of groove and power to them. Some songs did come across as a little repetitive, however there are some stellar tracks such as “Lost Boy”, “Infinity” and “D.M.R” that have a very nice feel to them and distinctly stand out in terms of structure and flow. I just loved the groove! That and the very atmospheric feeling in the music make it for me.

In terms of production quality, for a home studio produced album, this sounds pretty damn good. All instruments are nice, clear and audible. I do enjoy this, as you can then distinguish between the instruments and hear exactly what each one is doing. The music does sometimes miss the heartiness of a professional studio sound, but under the circumstances, this album is produced really well, especially for a local album.

Dead Man Risen has released a pretty damn good album that I did enjoy. I enjoyed its atmospheric sound, its groove and its feel. This made me bob my head so much, its unreal, and that’s a damn good sign.

It’s unfortunate of its shortcomings, but I do have the belief that this project will release something very interesting and different to the scene. All the signs are there and this is a damn good place to start.

Definitely check it out!

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