Krank’d Up- Maximum Carnage

Leading up to the much anticipated Krank’d Up festival, we spoke to Maximum Carnage:




1) When you were chosen to play KU 2017- how did you feel, especially once you found out who the international artists were?

We were and still are extremely excited to be on the lineup and can’t wait to perform. We always wanted to play at Krank’d Up. And as for the international artists, we embrace any opportunity to learn from their experience and professionalism. On top of that it’s awesome opportunity to see some of the best live bands in SA.


2) How do you think we can improve our local scene?

I think we need a few more professional venues like Rumours and Wolmer for example. I would also like to see bands do more national tours. There are kickass bands in Cape Town, PE and Durban etc for instance. I would personally love to see them play live up here in Gauteng.


3) Tell us something about your band that your fans might not know?

There is a 10 year gap between the youngest and oldest member in the band.


4) Where do you hope to see yourselves as a band in 5 years’ time?

Touring internationally. Recording and writing good music. Promoting and taking SA metal all over the world.


5) If you were a pop group, what would you call yourselves?

Cowboys Don’t Cry.


You can get your tickets to this awesome event here

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