Krank’d Up- You, Me and the Harmony

Leading up to the much anticipated Krank’d Up festival, we spoke to You, Me and the Harmony:




1) When you were chosen to play KU 2017- how did you feel, especially once you found out who the international artists were?

We felt ecstatic! We were sitting at a quiz night and the email popped up in the notifications, Carl skimmed over it, saw the words ‘Krank’d Up’ and ‘Successful’ and literally jumped up from the table in complete excitement! Krank’d Up never disappoints with their international acts, and this year is no different! It’s going to be an absolute privilege to join these epic international headliners. The Krank’d Up team did an amazing job of securing Intervals in such a short time. We are super excited to be able to play the same event as Intervals and Memphis May Fire!


2) How do you think we can improve our local scene?

People in the scene (Bands, organisers, venues and music followers) should support each other more, we have some really amazing local talent who don’t always have the platform to show their stuff. Even the smallest events should be treated like a big event, and have an equal amount of effort put in. The biggest thing is for everyone to go out and experience local music, even if they don’t know the bands.


3) Tell us something about your band that your fans might not know?

Well we’re very close friends with the guys from Red Helen, infact one time Erick Gerber (RH Guitarist and Vocalist) stood in for Brendon (our bassist and back-up vocalist) at one of our events, and Greg Van Kerkhof (RH Bassist and Vocalist) featured on our first ever single ‘Taking This Too Far’.


4) Where do you hope to see yourselves as a band in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years we hope to have a second album and be touring overseas, making a name for ourselves in foreign territories.


5) If you were a pop group, what would you call yourselves?

Well ‘You, Me and the Harmony’ would probably work really well as the name of a pop group. So if we ever decide to make the transition we could lose the guitars and keep the name.

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