Krank’d Up- Deadline

Not long to go before the much anticipated Krank’d Up makes its return. We spoke to Deadline:



1) When you were chosen to play KU 2017- how did you feel, especially once you found out who the international artists were? 


We were ecstatic! It is so awesome playing a fest that has largely had zero old school metal/hard rock representation and one that is growing as quickly as it has done the past few years. I must say we don’t know much about Memphis May Fire except what we have seen in the Metal Hammer and on online metal news sites. What made the announcement extra special for us is that it is the first time we are playing with international acts so whether it was Memphis May Fire, Megadeth or Nickelback we would have been equally thrilled none the less. This is a huge honour for us and a show we are going to take very seriously! Wait, did I say Nickelback???


2) How do you think we can improve our local scene?


This is a topic we get asked often and I guess it is something one could talk about for ages and ages. The bands are there and although we do not have enough clubs, the clubs are there too to a certain extent. The clubs need to be filled week in week out like the days of old and that is where the problem lies. I firmly believe it is about getting more fans involved in the metal scene from other walks of life and that is where the catch is. Bands often play to their friends and usual fans gig in gig out and although as band members we are grateful that we have a core fan base one can only spread ones wings so far. The scene needs to somehow become more easily accessible to the outside world. Just the other day we played at Hard Rock Café in Pretoria and the reaction we received from patrons who were there for a family evening was amazing! The trick is now to get newer faces to our scene.


3) Tell us something about your band that your fans might not know?


HAHA…this is a tough one! I am a very vocal human being and I do not think there is anything out there that nobody knows about us! I am one of those ‘I love to hear my own voice kinda frontmen’! Of course what they really don’t know is that Baz is the honorary president of the female scuba divers club in Tahiti. He won an Olympic gold in diving back at the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972 and with the riches moved to Tahiti and opened a diving club for the locals. (This fact requires some confirmation of sorts. Can someone hit Wikipedia up?)


4) Where do you hope to see yourselves as a band in 5 years’ time?


Another tough one! This is obviously a part time project, we all have full time jobs and careers but wouldn’t it be great to be headlining Wacken Open Air Festival in five years’ time and this interview would be a Wacken warm up interview being conducted by some uber hot female Swedish metal blogger whilst we are sitting hungover in our hotel somewhere in Europe sipping on European beer fresh from headlining Download, Graspop and Hellfest!!! Yeah that is where we want to be in 5 years’ time.


5) If you were a pop group, what would you call yourselves?


Finally a question I understand! HAHA! Something ridiculous like ‘Cambodian Catwalk’ or the ‘Trans-Siberian Express’. Mind you I quite like ‘The Singapore Singers’ too. So many options really! If we were a stoner rock group I’d love for us to be called ‘Dude, where’s my car?’


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