Krank’d Up- Savage Lucy

With only a few weeks to go until the much anticipated Krank’d Up, we spoke to Savage Lucy:




1) When you were chosen to play KU 2017- how did you feel, especially once you found out who the international artists were?


All three of us were like “HOLY SHIT” and then Clint got very sad because he has to race off right after our set for another gig. ☹


2) How do you think we can improve our local scene? 


We need to create a culture where people appreciate music and are willing to pay for music. Pick your shows carefully, but its difficult to balance between playing too little and playing too much. Simple business of supply and demand.


3) Tell us something about your band that your fans might not know? 


Thank you for coming out to our shows. We have no friends, so shows are the only time you get us out of the house. Also, we think the sun smells too loud.


4) Where do you hope to see yourselves as a band in 5 years’ time? 


Creating beautiful emotive music that touches people in places they didn’t even know they had.


5) If you were a pop group, what would you call yourselves?


What!? Are you telling me Prog/ Post Rock isn’t considered pop? We totally misread the market.


You don’t want to miss out on this event- get your tickets here

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