Krank’d Up- CMR

Leading up to Krank’d Up, we caught up with CMR:




1) When you were chosen to play KU 2017- how did you feel, especially once you found out who the international artists were?


We were ecstatic! And when we heard who the international line-up would be we were even more ecstatic! We always talked about how awesome it would be to play Krank’d Up someday and when we got the slot and heard that we will be sharing a stage with these amazing bands locally and of course internationally, it really was a special moment for us.


2) How do you think we can improve our local scene?


I guess its all about how bands can support and help each other more in the scene as a whole. To help promote each other on social media. Helping each other regarding getting/organizing gigs. To share contacts and other helpful info. If everyone did this all the time we would all have a more vibrant scene with more frequent and successful shows.


3) Tell us something about your band that your fans might not know?


We started this band ten years ago and we had to reform twice in that time.


4) Where do you hope to see yourselves as a band in 5 years’ time?


Hopefully with a full album or two behind us and more frequent and bigger tours locally and internationally. And to play Krankd’ Up of course!


5) If you were a pop group, what would you call yourselves?


Hmmm. How about “The Unicorn Rat Race”?


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