Secrets sharing secrets

All the way in San Diego, Secrets have just released a video for their upcoming album.

Check out ‘Incredible’ here


We caught up with Secrets and here is what they had to say:


1) Tell us a little bit more about the band, how you formed, why you started a band etc?

We formed in 2011 after some of the members left their previous band. They still needed a vocalist and found me from my previous band Dawn Defeo. I left that band after they offered me to start the band with them and we started writing! We’ve all been in bands since middle school. I couldn’t imagine not being in a band.

2) How do you write your music, is there a certain process?

This time around we all sat in a studio and worked on the record together. Each of us came in with a few ideas and worked those out until it came time to start from scratch. This process involved a lot of Connor sitting in a chair with a guitar throwing out riffs and all of us yelling at him until something popped that we all loved and then we would go from there. After we had a song scratched out instrumentally, Wade and Richard would figure out what they wanted to write lyrics about and then go into a corner and write until they were ready to track. It was hectic haha

3) What can fans expect in the year to follow with the new album coming out?

Lots of touring, lots of new music videos and online content for everyone to nerd out on. It’s gonna be wild!

4) What is your greatest achievement to date?

I think that this record will be our greatest achievement to date, in fact it already is to me. This is the first time we have all come together and created something and it’s something all of us are very proud of.

5) What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

HIM and butt rock. I love them both hahaha

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