Deadline – Black Wolf City

Genre: Old School Metal

Review by Flame-Mantous



Do you remember the first time you heard a Judas Priest or Metallica song? The melody, aggression and groove, as well as the warmness of the tones? Nostalgic isn’t it? Deadline have managed to bring back these very warm tones, groove and melody we’ve all come to love with this type of music.

Does Deadline do any kind of justice to the long-standing genre?

Well that answer, is YES!! Their sound gives me that nostalgic feeling and I cannot sit still. They bring that old school simplicity, those infectious grooves, huge guitar solos, badass vocals and just really well put together tracks.

There are some stellar tracks on this album, The ones I recall enjoying most were “White Death”, “Lilith Immortal” and “Hostage Demonica”, with “Lilith Immortal” being an absolutely flawless and memorable song which features amazing dual melodies, aggressive vocals, and amazing composition that gave me goosebumps every second of it.

Their sound is purely old school metal. Nostalgic of bands from the old school era like Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica. Especially the vocals! The vocals are a good mix of Dave Mustaine and Rob Halford tonally, which is able to set the mood for the music really well, although sometimes the vocals could be a little bit underwhelming from time to time, they’re spot on and really unique. I did feel that some songs had a few parts with similar sounding elements. This could be because of the genre, however it did happen quite frequently. This doesn’t make the music bad in any way, but something to look out for when doing new material so not to come across as being repetitive. However this is minor, and doesn’t take anything away from this awesome album.

We don’t see a lot of these types of bands in South Africa, and Deadline shows us how it is done.

I found that this album gets better and better the more you listen to it, the songs stay with you and you’ll find yourself humming or bobbing along to the melodies inside your head. This album, despite the minor flaws, is an album any old school fan should listen to, I know I’m glad I did.


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