Dustland Express – The Question, Sir, is Why?

Genre: Alternative Metal/Theatrical Rock

Review by Flame-Mantous

I was rather surprised listening to Dustland Express’ latest offering “The Question, Sir, is Why?”. It’s truly a mixed bag of everything that just seems to work so well together. It’s pop, it’s metal, it’s rock, it’s theatre… it’s so many things but it is able to come together in a complete package of amazing production quality, incredible songwriting and huge musical composition.

This truly was one of my favorites to listen to. It’s such a powerful and unique experience, something unlike anything I’ve really heard before.




The overall sound coming from this band is difficult to describe clearly with words, it’s truly one of those albums that has to be experienced in it’s full glory. It’s got the theatrics reminiscent of Queen, and the energy of Billy Talent, but taken and completely overhauled in a very whimsical way. A mix of huge sampling, beautiful piano, strong and diverse vocals, incredible guitar work and hard hitting drums behind it all. Let’s not forget to mention the songs that are so well written and incredibly substantial, and weirdly beautiful.

Some of these songs are seriously catchy and will definitely leave you humming for the rest of the day. The vocals variate so much and have so much range, it’s unreal, and this is used to create some amazing and seriously catchy vocal lines over the music.

This feels to me like its a rock opera album, with a modern rock spin added to it. I’m sure its going to get a lot of spin time from anyone that listens to it.

This is an incredible album that should definitely be listened to. This album incorporates many musical elements and techniques, to create something so wildly out of this world that you can feel the musicality, emotion and power involved in it. It’s present in every song, all the time, a true masterpiece of an album.

If you are into crazy, out-of-this-world music, you definitely want to check this one out.

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