Review by: Chelsea

I recently got hold of the latest SEPTICFLESH album titled “Codex Omega” released in September 2017 and HOLY F**K what an album, I am completely obsessed.


The deep dark growls, the amazing clean vocals (a fantastic addition to the tone of the album), the symphonic elements that leave me with goosebumps, the riffs and blasting drums that make me want to head bang permanently… What an absolute masterpiece.

The tracks that really stand out for me, are Dante’s Inferno, Portrait of a Headless Man (cannot get enough of this one), 3rd Testament, Enemy of Truth, Faceless Queen, OK, I will be honest, all the tracks stand out for me.¬†From start to finish we are taken on this deliciously dark journey and I am in love with every minute.

I could honestly go on forever on how fantastic this album is, but you really should go check it out for yourself!

Watch the video for ‘Portrait of a Headless Man’ here

Follow the band on their official Facebook page here

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